Nick Angiolillo

Front-End Developer
Brooklyn, NY


Hi. I'm Nick. I'm a developer and designer with over a decade of professional experience on the web. My approach to development is informed by my background in design and motivated by my experiences as a user. I'm known for my keen eye as much as my technical skill.

I grew up on the internet, and I believe that the best years of the web still ahead of us.

Quick facts

  • I started programming in BASIC when I was 9 years old on an Apple IIe.
  • I first got paid to build a website at age 16.
  • While a student, I designed and built an early Google Maps API application for my university. It still looks largely the same.
  • I employed my zest for animated GIFs and vintage web design in a recent Holiday website for my company. This doesn't look too different from my first websites.
  • I was once told I have a "Beyoncé-grade work ethic."


Senior-level front-end developer with over a decade of cross-disciplinary experience on the web. A lifelong passion for computers, technology, and design. Mastery and judicious application of the latest front-end web technology with facility in UX, design, and full-stack development.



  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Cross-Browser/Device Development


  • Git, Hg, & SVN
  • Photoshop & Illustrator
  • PhpStorm
  • Jira


  • Responsive Design & Development
  • Agile Development
  • UI Prototyping


Senior Front-End Developer

Alexander Interactive, New York, NY
2008 - Present
  • Responsible for the full life cycle of the front end of many consumer-facing development projects from start to finish: creating and managing technical requirements, scoping, time estimation, technical design, development, documentation, and support.
  • Consistently deployed the latest front-end technology with consideration to project budget, client requirements, and audience.
  • Projects included custom news publishing platforms (user- and admin- facing views), ecommerce websites, brochure sites, and prototypes.
  • Worked with a large variety of application platforms/environments including Magento Ecommerce, Ruby on Rails, Django, Java, ASP.NET, WordPress, and several custom platforms.
  • Managed teams of up to five front-end developers.
  • Lead demos of completed and work-in-progress development work to clients such as The New York Times, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Lowe's Home Improvement.
  • After guiding the company's first mobile development projects, became the de facto company-wide resource for mobile & tablet development, responsive design, and general best practices in front-end development.
  • Contributed to company developer culture in code reviews and "dev sessions"—developer-led education sessions open to everyone.
  • Played an active role in the sales process for several prospective projects.
  • Interviewed prospective development & QA candidates; gave hiring recommendations to senior management.

Web Producer

Turner Broadcasting, New York, NY
2007 - 2008
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of CourtTV web properties.
  • Assisted in the development and launch of website as network rebranded to truTV.

Independent Developer & Designer

2008 - Present

Along with my full-time professional work, I've designed and developed a host of small websites for small businesses and personal use.

  • Services typically included the full scope of website conception, development, and launch: information and technical architecture, visual design, front- and back-end development, and maintenance.
  • Scale of projects ranged from small marketing campaigns to medium-sized publishing platforms.
  • Recent projects include:


B.A., Mathematics, 2007
Boston University, Boston, MA
Minor: Graphic Design


The best way to contact me is

I'm currently available for part-time work on nights and weekends. I like short-term projects that are well defined (I can help you define them!) with an expected turnaround time of a few days to two weeks. Email me for rates and more information.